AG Measurematics offers a range of High Performance Testing Rigs & Special Purpose Machines to meet R&D requirements in the development of safer and higher quality materials and products. Combined with AGMPL’s selection of accessories, including grips, extensometers, and jigs, and the Cusomized Windows®-compatible Software, which provides simplified user operation yet powerful analysis and report generation. AG Measurematics can provide you with a solution for any environment or application be it Railway or Automotive component testing or Defense Testing Applications.

Application Videos

Spring & Material Testing Machines

Endurance Testing Machines
Tensile Testing Machines
Manual & Computerized
Torsion Spring
Testing Machine

Rail Component Testing Machines & Rigs

Draft Gear
Tup Hammer Testing
Diesel Locomotive
Water Load Box Setup
Boggie Spring
Fatigue Testing Machine
Rail Pad
Impact Attenuation Tester
Application Videos


Rubber Bush Multi-Axis Endurance Tester
Bolt & Fasteners
Junker Based Tester
Damper/ Shock Absorber
Force Testing Machine
Damper/Shock Absorber
Endurance Testing Rig
2W & 4 W Tyre
Rolling Resistance Test
Tyre Dynamic Growth Testing Machine
Steering Wheel
Testing Machine

Custom Designed Test Rigs & Machines

Ammunition Shell Adhesion Testing Machine
Dynamic Shaker
Loading Rig
Hydraulic Synchronous
Automatic Lifting System