AG Measurematics is one of the largest supplier of Sensors, Systems, Test Rigs and related instrumentation in India. With over 25 years of Experience helps us provide a rich experience in system design and functionality

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Gauging_AC_300pxSensors & Signal Conditioners

Displacement , Load/Force, Pressure, Vibration, Temperature

DAS_smData Acquisition Systems

Standalone , High Speed Integrated, USB, PCI Cards etc.

stm_smLoad, Tensile & Torsion Testing Machines

Springs , Wires, Ammunition, Cardboard etc

80x80Data Loggers

Internal Memory , 1~1400Channels , XY Recorders etc..

Tels_wbComputerized Test Rigs

Automobile , Aerospace, Railways Components etc

ai450vi_smDigital Indicators

1/2/4/8 ch , Wide Input , Battery Operated, Wireless

endurance_vsm80Life Cycle and Endurance Testing Machines

Springs , Buffer, Rubber Parts etc

80x80Strain & Stress Measurement Systems

Strain Gauges , Gauging Service, Strain Amplifiers etc.

80x80Custom Designed Test Rigs
geo_smGeotechnical Testing Systems

Triaxial, Consolidation, Mechanical Oscillators

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